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It is important to feel confident and comfortable about your retirement planning efforts. The PAS tools that are available to you will assist you in achieving your goals for retirement and reduce your worries by providing you with access to information about your accounts, information on Freestate Advisors (the firm PAS uses as its Registered Investment Advisor), useful tools and links and practical planning information. Take time to explore all the tools we offer and see how each supports your retirement planning.

Financial Planning

Retirement Coaching

Ken Burke of PAS Advisors

At PAS Advisors Kenneth Burke, CFP® delivers highly personalized investment solutions utilizing a proprietary process to help clients work toward their long-term financial goals. The PAS Confidence Process is the brain child of Ken! He has a track record of proven success working with select clients.

Carla Edwards of PAS Advisors

As you start to think about retirement at PAS advisors, one of the people you will engage with is Carla Edwards. She is a retirement coach adept at helping people write their future script. Helping Clients understand that retirement is now a time of discovery and transition like many previous life changes is her first priority.

Ken has 20 years of experience in finance and helping people build wealth. But because he is a self-motivated, highly driven and entrepreneurial kind of guy, he looked at his financial planning business and started to see that he needed to focus on what clients really wanted. He saw what clients really wanted was a patient, attentive and supportive advisor who could look at their lives more holistically than traditional advisement could. The services Ken provides at PAS is not just traditional advising, but also employment of his advisement model. The PAS Model assists Ken in building solid engagement with clients lives dreams and goals in order to better match financial planning to each client. Ken reviews each client’s dreams for the future as built in conjunction with a retirement coach and determines options he feels will best fit the client as well as strengths and weaknesses of each option. He then spends time helping each client build a financial future. The process doesn’t stop there. Ken will guide each client through the action steps needed to ensure that all changes and paperwork are completed to the client’s satisfaction. He makes one page simple to understand summaries so that every client can feel a sense of confidence that only true understanding can bring. In other words, Ken builds a partnership with each client to best ensure that he is an advocate of the client as well as an advisor. Ken's strength in financial advisement is his ability to care about each client as an individual. Ken may refer clients to appropriate partners or other professionals to assure that planning is carried out according to client wishes, but he will always follow through with clients and make sure that plans are carried out according to the clients wishes.

Moving forward, many clients want to discover new life purposes and goals for retirement. Carla is a patient and supportive guide to help in this process ensuring that financial planning will be on track and in line with each client’s deepest needs and desires. Transition to retirement is both a wonderful and challenging time. Knowing what to expect and learning to engage personal skills and resources in new ways can assist clients in moving into the future with confidence. Discovering a plan and being able to visualize that plan with the help of a retirement coach assures that retirement planning moves smoothly to fruition. Often Carla helps clients address areas of life that complement the numbers side of planning such as mental and physical preparation. She is adept at understanding the need for other community resources and may refer clients to other services as needed. She will always keep track of client progress and make sure that the work that clients do with her is moving them to a confident future.  Learn more about Carla on her site www.TodaysWiseWoman.com

Putting It All Together

Our main focus is building client confidence in financial planning in order to create a future that is as free from worries as possible. We start by understanding the client and then developing and deepening our client relationship to the point of engaged partnership. Clients are not forced into a one model fits all like at many advisory firms. We serve a select number of elite clients interested in building an abundant future. At PAS Advisors, clients are the guiding force behind financial planning.

The client brings us the plot and the characters they want to see in their ideal motion picture of the future. We develop many scripts, each with unique opportunities and outcomes that are in line with the client’s directives and dreams. These planning scripts are presented to clients. The client is then knowledgeable about pros and cons of each potential script and can edit and revise their final choice to align their planning with their unique needs. The client is the director, and PAS Advisors are the producers. The engagement is high and the investment of time and attitude are as important as the client’s investments of resources.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The client is the director, and PAS Advisors are the producers. The engagement is high and the investment of time and attitude are as important as the client’s investments of resources.

How It Works


Traditional Financial and Retirement planning is all about numbers and charts and graphs. If you talk to most financial advisors about their process you’ll hear a lot about understanding your “goals”. Well of course your goals are important, but what are they really?  How are you going to articulate them, and how is the advisor going to make sure that they understand you? Also how are you going to be sure that they do?  Without that kind of understanding, confidence in your plan seems like a hard thing to have. That is why we have developed the PAS Confidence Model. It consists of four steps:


We will give focused attention to possible outcomes and how they align with your thoughts, feelings, life experiences and strengths. PAS will support you through the process of writing the script of your blockbuster future – a future that you have taken control of.


We will start by testing your current plan to see where it might take you. When we know where the current path leads, we will analyze all the options available to you to correct the path and will look at all the side effects the various remedies might produce.


You will probably need to change some of the things you are doing now to bring your ideal script into focus. You will want to know the effect that any change will have and how they will interact with each other and how they will affect your current lifestyle. When you are completely confident that you understand where you are, where you’re going and what you want to change, we will move on to the next step of implementing the necessary changes.


There will likely be legal documents and financial changes that need to be implemented to put you on target for your vision. We will coordinate the documents with the attorneys and financial institutions. We will make sure that the changes made are actually in line with the script that we have written.

Ken Burke, CFP®

Carla Edwards, MBA, Ph.D

Financial & Life Coach


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